Fork, knife and chopsticks – when East meets West for food, adventures and fun!

Kowloon star ferry pier


I have lived in Asia for two-thirds of my life, 90% of it in Hong Kong. I was schooled here and had a great upbringing with a mix of cultures and beliefs. After 3 years in Shanghai in the early 90s, I set off for a ‘new’ life in Switzerland with my new husband.

It is true what they say about Hong Kong – maybe they took the girl out of Hong Kong, but they could not take the Hong Kong out of the girl, and when an opportunity arose to come back in 2008, I took it with both hands. That was all 9 years ago nearly, and we have not looked back – without doubt one of the best decisions that I have ever made. We have made great friends, and we live life to the full. I travel frequently to China and around Asia, we try to spend quality time together and with the ‘family’ that we have made here.

I love to tell stories, I love to cook, take pictures and discover new things on the Hong Kong food and drink scene. I put up this page in the hope of sharing some of my stories and moments with you and hope to bring a smile and enjoyment to you!